Enjoy the warmth and beauty of authentic, solid wood brackets, each individually hand-made in our Hove workshop.

Our elegant Norfolk brackets are sure to suit any project needs. They are available in a variety of woods, and come in two sizes: 14cm x 17cm and 22cm x 27cm with gentle curves to complement your solid wood shelves. 

These brackets can be installed with the shelf resting on either the  longer or the shorter side of the bracket and are designed to fit the two standard depths of our Thick & Thin solid wood shelves perfectly!

The brackets will arrive sanded and ready for installation. As a standard, all of our  oak, walnut & cherry shelves and brackets will be oiled; the pine shelves and brackets will be left untreated. If you require any variation on this, just let us know!

To Order: Simply select the wood you would like, choose size of the brackets from the drop-down menu and add to basket.  Please note, prices are per bracket to allow customers to order odd numbers!

Available for immediate dispatch and, for a limited time, if you are ordering brackets only, enter the code ‘brackets only’ on the basket page of the checkout for a 50% reduction in your shipping charge!

Prices from: £12.00


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